DeathSentence DeSantis: Recall Him?

DeSantis (pronounced “Death Sentence”) is running to unseat Governor Newsom in California. His avatars include almost 150 pro-covid mascots One just got served on stage in a suit. He was wearing a suit. But he was being sued for naked disregard of a $55,000  invoice he never paid to the consultants he hired to help him take over California last election. He felt that the bill was too high, or maybe he was? Could be that he would have paid if he had won, but obviously the consultants could not lie well enough to fool the millions more who voted for Newsom. So, prima facie case, since he didn’t win, they weren’t worth the $$$. Sounds like Trump, who is better at stiffing porn stars than paying what he owes legit businesses.

More about the others on the list of rejects from the circus later.

Back to DeSantis. People are voting feet first for their florid governor—in overstuffed ICUs, ice cream trucks repurposed as morgues, and at a sports facility where those rejecting a vaccine (that actually works) that actually works can get an infusion in their gut (really!) of the anti-body treatment Regeneron that has been proved not to work for hospitalized patients. So, who are the 362 folks showing up for this wonder drug every day? Abbott got his in Texas, so he cannot count. Really sick people in the hospital can’t rise from their proned position on a bed in the crowded hallway as they wait for the next patient to die and free up a bed. They are not getting the infusion that costs over $1500 per victim.

The treatment works best on hypochondriacs.  They don’t get the disease they were not going to develop anyway. Next are people who actually have covid but avoid hospitals because they don’t want to admit that they may die from the hoax virus. Too sick to get to the bizarre Regeneron sites, they expose an uber driver or a parent, a friend or a neighbor to covid.  If the driver isn’t brighter than the patient and vaccinated —well, we may have one less to take care of.

Students in school, especially those under twelve who are too young to get vaccinated, are told that their required student uniforms cannot include face masks, Teachers have to go without masks to be politically correct and they are encouraged or mandated to remove the face-coverings of kids whose parents value their children’s lives.

So, these are some of the policies that would be foisted on California (10,570 cases per 100000 people)  by avatars of the ghoul system in Florida (13,579 per 100000), a state that accounts for twenty percent of American’ hospitalized with covid.

But sick as it is, sickness doesn’t cover every fevered dream of the GOP. These nightmares range from gutting the minimum wage (actually, doing away with it), to permitting prospective employers to interrogate women about their sex lives, and mimicking the voter suppression strategies of places like Georgia and Texas.

If Newsom were a Republican, he would be up for sainthood. California has returned the largest tax rebate in history after claiming a $75b surplus. No state economy comes close. Only China does better in GDP growth.  What keeps DeSantis and the GOP awake at night? Progressive success in California. How undo it? Hurl some feces.

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  1. Frightening! Our “NO RECALL” ballots marked and deposited in ballot boxes. Hopefully there are enough of us to avoid calamity.

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