Georgia, Do your Thing

The War Against America Isn’t Over Yet

Sigh of relief Biden Won. The big bad wolf was terminally wounded and we could rejoice in his death throes performed on Twitter and rants from the stages that gave Trump his megaphone for the past four years.

I am not afraid that he will overturn the election by an infinite number of frivolous suits. I do not think that his monsters on the supreme court– the Stepford wife, everywoman’s alcoholic nightmare, and the village idiot go suck—will have the ability to reverse the vote. They have other mischief like pretending that states do not have the right to protect their citizens from harm and death when it means placing rational limits on the size of religious gatherings.  Never mind that the Pope cancelled Advent and C  Christmas liturgies to protect his flock, the big five have ordained that adherents may flock to churches and Jewish gatherings, despite Talmudic injunctions against endangering life, biblical strictures about quarantining,  and good sense. Let the fanatics kill themselves on their version of Masada. Just keep them from wasting hospital beds and killing staff.

The train wreck is the Senate. McConnell is lamenting deficits now that he and his have spawned so many.   The stimulus that could save businesses and keep families fed and in their homes no longer pleases him and his gaggle of geese. He will demand spending cuts to eviscerate vital programs that would restore the environment or generate the next generation of jobs.  He will go back to the slash and burn approach to Medicare and social security. Forget about public health.  He and his fiends have learned nothing from the cuts to the programs that provided protection against novel diseases.  Fueling global warming will be his mantra to lubricate the poisoning of the world by fracking and burning.

The list of coming outrages is long. Designed to insure the failure of the Biden administration. Dr. No is at it again. The same evil prescription he fed to the country when Obama tried to accomplish his goals.

Add to that foreign adventurism, assassinations and escalating gratuitous crises, and attempts to prevent an accurate census count.

Will the McConnell acolytes have the decency to vote on and approve the administration cabinet members and appointments, or will they try to cripple the future by withholding consent, claiming falsely that Democrats paved the way.  McConnell’s Senate approved the most derelict, unqualified and corrupt appointments in the history of the country.  Don’t let him stymie a return to the high standards of those who serve America through more corrupt and dishonest subversion of the confirmation process.

This is not subversion. There’s plenty of that. This is the war against Americans on a new-old battlefield . The last hope is that Georgians see the assassins and defeat them. Otherwise the ghouls that lost the confidence game played over the lost four years, will lodge in our gut and metastasize through more voter suppression, transferring our remaining wealth to those who need it not at all, and condemn our country to the literal and figurative ash heap of history.

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