Mail Bonding?

Is this Piece in Time?

You can now telephone your dealer in Israel from the UAE.  As soon as 2022 you and he  will be able to visit the first Arab government built synagogue since  HaShem knows when (

But in the U.S. you may not be able to get your prescription drugs by mail from your Kaiser pharmacy—at least not until a few days after you have died from the congestive heart failure those prescriptions keep in check.

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So You Are Dying to Get Your Mail ? The Post Office Is.

Apparently, Postmaster Louis (“No Joy”) De Joy is taking a hammer to the PO in order to increase “efficiency.”

The logic is flawless: if there are no post offices, postal collection boxes, or mail delivery, there’s no need for mail sorting machines (sell ‘em for scrap), mail sorters (human—sell ‘em for scrap, too), THERE WILL BE NO MAIL! No overtime. No cost. No service.

The PO will have nothing to do and will go extinct like 8-track and the GOP (OK, this last is just wishful thinking). What could be more efficient than nothing?

The dismembering of the USPS will make vote-by-mail fraud a non-issue. Because mail will be non-existent.

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