Trump mistakenly uttered a true word when he said (out loud and on record) that he wanted to disallow mail ballots because they might benefit Democrats. Of course, his diversion was to claim mail ballots invite fraud.  In truth, vote-by-mail fraud has been the unfulfilled wet dream of Kris Kobach and DJT for years.

You’d think the honest fear of fraud would be the nightmare that would keep the trumpistas up at night to identify resources to strengthen actual security. Real crimes sabotaging the vote cry out for preventative investments in voting machines that cannot be hacked and tamper-proof ballots that accurately record voters’ actual votes. 

In-person voting can be hazzardous during a deadly pandemic, but DJT has another worry.

True Believers on the Right Simply Cannot Accept That Anyone Would Actually and Rationally Vote for a Democrat.

So they ignore the actual fraudsters caught voting illicitly for Republicans and connive the suppression of hundreds and thousands of likely Democratic voters.

I believe we need a first-class piece of mail in time as much as we need peace in our time.

Pretty soon it will be easier for me to daven—that is, pray as a Jew — in Dubai and receive postcards from Jerusalem while I eat at a kosher-halal restaurant on the Persian Gulf, than it will be to  get my statins and my Prozac by mail in Pasadena.

I’ll be praying that the PO will still be there when our traveler gets home.

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