Vaccinating against Stupidity in the Age of Covid-19

My Unfinished LTE in the NY Times

In my letter published on August 7, I argued that a rushed but ineffective or minimally effective Covid=19 vaccine would be a disaster absent a mask and physical distancing mandate. My point is that people relax their guard when hope appears on the horizon, no matter how distant that horizon may actually be or how illusory the hope. Thus, an explosion of cases occurred  when summer and the promise of turning the corner on the pandemic were the Trump mantra that so many people and politicians wanted to believe.

 If a safe vaccine were touted, but its efficacy untested or inadequate, that abandonment of good sense and caution would become even more catastrophic and disease and death would shoot up. A mask and distancing mandate with the force of law must be in place to counter the power of wishful thinking and its consequent abandonment of caution.

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    “…With some exceptions, governments have made great efforts to put the well-being of their people first, acting decisively to protect health and to save lives. The exceptions have been some governments that shrugged off the painful evidence of mounting deaths, with inevitable, grievous consequences. But most governments acted responsibly, imposing strict measures to contain the outbreak.

    Yet some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions — as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom! Looking to the common good is much more than the sum of what is good for individuals. It means having a regard for all citizens and seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the least fortunate.

    It is all too easy for some to take an idea — in this case, for example, personal freedom — and turn it into an ideology, creating a prism through which they judge everything.”

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